Wk 5 – Drawing – Automatic Drawing

To try to make it a little less weird, I put on some soothing music (typed in meditation music on YouTube) and that made it seem more like meditation. I took a stretch and relaxation class last semester where we tried a lot of different meditation methods and the music or noise around you had a big impact on how the experience turned out for you. I found myself relaxing into that state of meditation that I started to recognize while taking that class last semester, but then I would have a thought that interrupted it. I think this happened because my back was hurting so I couldn’t completely relax into the activity. The pencil moved a lot more than I was expecting it to, but I also don’t know if that was just the automatic drawing happening or if it was my roommate moving the pencil the way she wanted to.

The finished product was a lot smaller than I thought because it felt like we were moving our arms wide so that we were reaching near the edge, but it turned out that the area we covered was actually quite small. Afterwards, I was going to try to go over all the pencil lines with a marker so that it was easier to see and it was more defined, but I realized very quickly that it wouldn’t work. I started in the middle and rapidly realized that the pencil lines were far too close to go over them all and still be able to distinguish between the lines so I abandoned that plan and came up with another. I darkened the lines that were on the edges so that you could at least see the borders of it. I’m not sure that it looks like anything from any angle, but my roommate said that it looks like a piece of bark and I guess that’s as good a description as any.


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