Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Andrea Gutierrez

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrea Gutierrez
Exhibition: INPROCESS
Media: Coffee, Gesso, Oil, Acrylic, Mesh, Burlap, Twine, Paper, Spray Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: @fine_art_by_dre

About the Artist

Andrea Gutierrez is a CSULB undergraduate working towards her BFA degree in Painting and Drawing. She started at Cypress College and then transferred to CSULB and into the Studio Art Program. All of her art in this exhibition uses coffee in some way whether it be coffee beans, coffee grounds, or coffee filters. The idea for this stemmed from her first job when she moved to Long Beach, being a barista at a local coffee shop called Java Connection. She still talks to all of her old coworkers and she considers them family. She’s not sure what she wants to do as a career, but wants to be able to use her creativity in her job.

Formal Analysis

Many types of materials were used, some listed above and the full list in a picture below. The main theme was that there was coffee something in all of them. She used soft colors with a lot of browns. The pieces were all very soothing and comfortable making one think of home and sitting on the couch with your favorite warm drink. They were all given texture because of the coffee elements used which made them more life-like.

Content Analysis

Coffee is such an everyday item that many people don’t think beyond the caffeine buzz that it gives them. Andrea, however, was able to see that there is much more to it because of her close proximity to it as a barista. She wanted to challenge what fine art is by incorporating a simple object into her beautiful art and see what people thought. She wanted to see what really made art expensive, if it was the materials used or if it was the final product that spoke to people.

Synthesis / My Experience

Andrea’s work was very homey and comforting giving off a sense of peacefulness. Her use of coffee elements really brought it to life with the textures and the colors. I can imagine having one of these pieces in my own home and being able to sit on the couch with a drink in my hand and just enjoy it and feel the contentment. Her challenge of what fine art is is very interesting because fine art can be a somewhat abstract idea, but I definitely think her work should be counted in the category of fine art.


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