Wk 4 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

When I heard art care package, I thought of it as a package to send to someone to help them in their artistic endeavors, so the package that I’m sending includes 2 small canvases of different sizes, a small notebook/journal, and a packet of string (used for bracelet making or similar activities). I’m sending this to a friend of mine that lives here in Long Beach.

I thought about adding some ephemera to the package, but there were a couple reasons that I decided not to. First, the only ephemera that I could think to add were items that are personal to me and that I didn’t want to part with. I’m sure some would say that since they are personal to me they would make the package more special, but combined with my second reason it didn’t make sense to do it. Second, the person that I’m sending this to probably wouldn’t find them relevant or really care about them the way that I do. So I decided to not add any ephemera.

As I referred to, I have quite a few items that would be referred to as ephemera and I think they are important. Mostly they consist of old movie tickets, notes from friends, and small trinkets or tokens that I’ve collected over the years. Some of them are more important to me than others, but they all hold some kind of memory for me. For example, I have an old penny that has the shape of a butterfly cut into the middle of it and it reminds me of my grandma who died last summer. Or I have a braided bracelet that I made when I made bracelets for my friends when we graduated high school. What’s really important about ephemera is the memory that they hold (pictures below).

When something is seen by very few people it becomes more special because it’s like a secret held in the hearts of those that know about it. The same goes for art. When you see something that is truly beautiful and you know that not many have had the same privilege you get to walk away with a little secret of sorts. When you view a piece of art somewhere like the Museum of Modern Art it’s almost like you’re just one in a long line of critics and it becomes a little less special.

Snapchat has enabled people to send pictures and messages to their friends and family so quickly that they are able to engage in conversation and exchange ideas very rapidly. This is great because they don’t have to wait days or even weeks just to find out that the other person is doing well. We can all keep in better contact with people which makes for better connections. On the contrary, waiting for a package or letter in the mail can be so much fun. The anticipation builds and you can’t wait to find out what your friend sent you. And then when it finally arrives you get to read the letter they sent you and you get to actually hold the message that your friend sent you rather than looking at words on a screen. You know they took time to write this because they wanted to make sure that they didn’t leave anything out. Sending a letter takes a lot more time and effort than sending a Snapchat and that gives it a special quality, a sort of “love” that can’t really be conveyed in a Snapchat. There was thought and care put into it and it’s not something you can replace.


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