Wk 3 – Artist Conversation – La Rosa


Exhibition Information

Artist: La Rosa
Media: Acrylic & Spray Paint on canvas, Photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: larosabird.co
Instagram: larosa.artist

About the Artist

La Rosa (he didn’t give me any other name and didn’t seem inclined to) is an undergraduate working to get his BA in studio art. He’s been trying to get into the BFA program for Drawing and Painting, but due to the university’s rules was denied because he had too many units. He’s currently a junior and before switching to being an art major he was a fashion merchandising major. He realized that he was unhappy in that field and decided to make the switch last semester. La Rosa has been painting and drawing all of his life and is beginning to learn new things like photography.

Formal Analysis

Most of his art was paintings using acrylic paint and sometimes spray paint. In one of the paintings he used candle wax to create texture. Most of the art was flat but they were put in 3D frames that helped to bring the paintings into the physical world. The frames also had some paint on them which made them part of the art rather than displaying the art. There were many bright colors used and the images had a soft quality to them.

Content Analysis

The artist was going for feeling. All of his pieces made you feel a pleasant emotion due to the bright colors and beautiful images and then the longer you looked at them the more you got to see and feel and think as you noticed the small messages in them. He wanted to explore “the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty, and the wild sense of youth.” He wasn’t going for some big, complex message, but wanted to speak to the emotions and experiences that everyone goes through when they are young and living free.

Synthesis / My Experience

Young love and life are so interesting to explore because it’s very innocent and there are so many strong emotions. So many kids want to grow up so fast and become an adult that they sometimes miss out on young love or they don’t really appreciate it when they have it. I’m only 18, but I sometimes feel like I’m much older than that so it’s really refreshing to be reminded that I have time to enjoy life and to love as much as possible.


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