Wk 2 – Photo 1 – Landscape with a Corpse

Death by poison. It seemed a little more exotic than say getting hit by a car or tripping and falling to my death.

I didn’t think much about it being a picture of me being ‘dead’, but once I got a response to the pictures it made me think a little more. One of my roommates took the pictures for me and when she did she decided to take them on my Snapchat and then send them to my most recent contacts on there. I’ll admit I was a little surprised by the response. People were a little concerned and a little confused because it actually kind of looked like I was dead, but at the same time why would there be artistic pictures of my corpse on my Snapchat? In the end I sent out another picture saying that I wasn’t dead and explaining what they were.

Overall it was an interesting experience, but I think my roommate had more fun with it than I did (as I couldn’t move because I was dead).





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